two lists…

It’s pathetic really, the way I’ve sat staring at this new blog screen. With great desire and many words, I’ve been unable to actually blog anything in the last week. Maybe it’s because my ‘to-do’ list has exceeded two post-it notes. Or maybe, it’s because I’ve been working night shifts at my directed study. Whatever the reason I can’t seem to blog, I have been busy digesting and processing this recent trip to Camichines, Jalisco, Mexico. And from this, I’ve created 2 lists.

What I didn’t know I missed:
1. Iron Chef America
2. Friends pulling pranks on me (just a little decoration on Galinda the Grand Prix)

3. The slightest breeze
4. Flushing toilet paper down the toilet
5. My eye-lash curler

Top 5 Favorites About Mexico:
1. Mazapan: delicious peanut-buttery candy

2. No bugs
3. Spanish, spanish, and more spanish!
4. Beans, chiles, and tortillas
5. The beautiful people

There are lots of things that were different in Mexico, but God was the same. His grace proved to be sufficient for my weaknesses.

His love transcended language barriers and physical exhaustion. His provision and sovereignty were matchless.

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