Last fall, I walked through the hard season of grieving Dayo, and it was all new and surprising and difficult. As I processed and opened up, I found comfort in knowing I wasn’t walking through this journey alone.  I asked hard questions and cried for weeks. I sensed people watched me, some day after day, … Continue reading peace


I made supper with a friend last night, an easy and healthy creamy sun-dried tomato parmesan chicken over a bed of edamame noodles. It was so delicious, I almost died. Fresh off the airplane from Kenya, this sweet, top-knot-loving, jet-lagged girl shared story after story of her adventures overseas. Pretending I was still in college, … Continue reading wanderlust

nine days

I don't do well with countdowns. Most of the time, I'm impatient and annoyed with how slow time goes. As a little girl, the season of waiting before Christmas, was excruciatingly painful - Christmas morning couldn't come fast enough. Every song, every snowflake, every ornament pointed to the moment when I could rip off wrapping … Continue reading nine days

acting as if

I’m terrified of writing. It’s not the words or the grammar that spook me, but the humanness writing brings out in me. Writing makes me feel exposed and empty. With each keystroke, the walls come down and I get a little more honest with myself. I’m not so good with vulnerability, I’m often afraid I’ll … Continue reading acting as if