Normally when I think about digestion, I think about my teeth, enzymes, and body organs that facilitate the breaking down of food in order for it to be absorbed or discarded. I usually don’t associate digestion with the process I go through after returning from a mission trip.
But here I am, one day after arriving back in the States, and I’m thinking about digestion.

I should be unpacking.
I should be doing laundry.
I should be catching up on homework.
Instead, I’m looking out my bedroom window, lamenting about the light snowfall while blogging about digestion.

You see, when I come back from a place where I met God in a new way, I want to hide away. I don’t want to see friends. I don’t want to call home. I don’t want to journal. I don’t even want to blog.
Because all of these things present a reality I’d rather not admit. I’m not in Mexico anymore.
But I don’t hide away, instead I meet with a friend for coffee, I talk on the phone with my mom, I journal several pages. And I blog. Because I can’t just store this food in my cheeks like a chipmunk. I need to chew it, swallow it, and begin the digestion process.
For me, it’s a slow process, one that must be done alone with God. I need to go through this time of adjustment. I need to look at pictures for weeks before posting them on facebook. I need to laugh and cry and wish I was back in Mexico for a bit.
But mostly, I need to be still and reflect.

So I will. And little by little, I’ll filter through all that I experienced and share.

Until then, I will digest.

One thought on “digestion

  1. Hey love…I'm praying for you and ready to talk when you are. know that God uses the people in your life to help you to digest too. 🙂 God is faithful and has a plan back here in the states. Trust him..Surrender to him.. Love you


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