heart-smile day

Do you ever have a day that makes your heart smile?
A day where you take off your shoes, and step barefoot onto the cool, luscious grass?
A day where your taste buds come alive like you’ve never tasted a pineapple before?
A day where you feel alive and whole?

Today was that day.

Today was a heart-smile day.

I started reading a new book: Drops Like Stars by Rob Bell (nevermind the fact that I’m currently reading 4, yes 4, other books)
I discovered two amazing musicians that make your ears feel like jumping up and down for joy.
I played softball with some great people who have zest for life.
I took a long walk with a friend who has a beautiful soul and a wonderful sense of humor…who also happens to be my roommate for only a few more weeks.

Today I made decisions that would make my bestie proud.
I shopped the perimeter of the grocery store.
I ran 10 miles outside…and didn’t die πŸ™‚
I uploaded killer songs on my ipod.
I didn’t eat the rest of the Twizzlers.

But the best part of today came in the mail yesterday. It was a letter from the brother of the little boy I sponsor. Who knew a one-page letter, with a tracing of a small, Indian hand could bless me so much…

Today was a heart-smile day.

No, I didn’t get an interview or a job offer. No, I didn’t cross everything off my to-do list. And no, I didn’t find my movie, Up, or my apartment key.

Today was still a heart-smile day.

Because life is about the process, not the end result. Life is about questions and uncertainties. Life is about celebrating and mourning. Life is about becoming more like who we were created to be.

My heart smiles on days like today because I remember there is restoration, hope, and joy. Today, I see pieces of heaven on earth.
I love wearing my favorite sweater.

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