"Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return."This year is not my first Lent rodeo. I've been intentional during Lent in past years...giving up loves like chocolate, social media, and coffee. Knowing the denial of flesh desires might cause me to ache for God just a little bit more, I set lovely … Continue reading dust

the table

I write at a table. A small, rectangular dining room table, with four tall-backed chairs on the perimeter. This hand-me-down table has traveled all across the state with me. And the four chairs, with layers upon layers of white paint, hail from Iowa, just magically matches the table. I make it my goal to daily … Continue reading the table

caterpillars and butterflies

A few weeks ago I read about caterpillars and butterflies.Caterpillars are butterfly larvae. Baby butterflies. Immature. Underdeveloped. Juvenile. Tender. Unfinished. Infantile. Rudimentary.Caterpillars mature through a series of stages of growth and change, "instars" insect lovers call them. At the end of each instar, there's this process of shedding the old skin or shell that no … Continue reading caterpillars and butterflies


The go-to answer people use to describe how they're doing. The number one excuse people use. The default lament. It's an addiction spurned by fear, anxiety, or ambition. And of course it's addicting...the feelings of importance. The glorification of a productive week. The pride of crossing something off a list. The reassurance of meaningfulness. Full … Continue reading busy