notice of action

With each passing day, the frustration and fear mounted, the patience and peace shrunk. There were days filled with prayers and conversations and what-ifs. And there were some days where life carried on as usual.

And one day, lying in the mailbox, a simple letter. Trembling fingers shred the envelop to reach the contents. And I read the three simple words that I have been waiting for.

Notice of Action.
Those words were a tall glass of water to my dry, thirsty soul. Almost a year behind my schedule of how I thought things should move along, I finally read the words that confirmed the process is indeed in motion. The case brought before the government, the months of waiting and wondering, and finally here in writing there’s approval of my petition.
Notice of Action.
I imagine I’m not the only one who’s ever deeply longed for a “Notice of Action.” Usually, there’s a spirit of anticipation at first. An excitement looms, a turning stomach wondering the impending possibilities. The mind dreams fortunate circumstances. At first, looking forward to something sets self-examination in motion to prepare oneself.

But the waiting doesn’t end quickly. Progress stalls though the clocks ticks on.

In the middle of waiting, feeling stuck and hopeless, a sigh is breathed and a prayer is muttered. The empty inbox. One line instead of two on the test. The silent phone. The for sale sign stays up.

I’ve had my fair share of waiting, and it’s never been pretty. From graduations, to job interviews, to proposals, waiting has freckled the story of my life. And rarely have I waited well. I worry and complain and make cynical comments. It’s one thing to wait for something that has a date: graduation, wedding, vacation. It’s an entirely different thing to wait for something you’re not sure will actually come to fruition: the job offer, the date with the cute boy, the greencard.

But waiting is the only option. Notice of Actions cannot be constructed on this earth. No, with all my waiting, it’s this last season that I’ve learned more than any other season, that I cannot manufacture the Notice of Action I desperately long for.

This season of waiting hasn’t been easy. Though we’ve received one letter, we’re only one-third of the way through the process. Despite the first Notice of Action, there are more unknowns and questions and fears.

I don’t understand the purpose of the waiting. I don’t always display immense trust and peace. And I don’t like the fact that the process still isn’t completed. But I have to believe that my God is a God of Action. I have to believe that though everything in my life is at a standstill, another notice of action will come to me. Maybe later, rather than sooner, but the notice will come.

Because God is living and active. I have to believe He’s working in this situation. I have to believe He’s working in your situation too. There may not be rustling leaves, or the growl of a motor, or a letter in the mail, or a kick from within…but God is on the move. May peace flood your soul as you wait well, trusting the character of God, despite your current circumstance.

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