I stocked up today. Almond butter, stevia, coconut oil, honey…I walked out of the store with two, very heavy bags of kitchen staples. And I sighed in contentment as I put the groceries in my cupboard. There’s this feeling you get, when you have plenty on hand.

Satisfied. Peace. Rest. Ease.

I have no need to fear.

I also have no need to trust.

See, that’s the bad thing about stocked cupboards. A plentiful supply requires no expectation for God to pull through. Furnishing my own kitchen threatens to take the role of provider away from God. Faith is not deepened when there’s no desperation for Jehovah Jirah to fill my mouth.

It’s not a problem with plenty of goods, stocked cupboards, or buying your own groceries. It’s a problem with my heart. When my cupboards are full, I forget to trust God.

The Israelites were taught a lesson about stocked cupboards. It resulted in manna and quail sent down from heaven. Every single day. Faithfully, God provided for their needs. And yet, the yearning to stock up crept into the heart of God’s people. But the “leftovers” were never good to eat the following day. It was a lesson of trust. Would the Israelites depend on God to fill them? Would they follow God’s command? Would the Israelites rely on God’s provision?  Would they trust God to keep His promises?

It’s a lesson I’m learning today. Today is a battle, a testing, a learning of a lesson. Trust. This journey calls me to keep looking to Christ. It’s hard to not strive to stock up. I fight the lures to accumulate more, to create a safe, plush nest, and instead expect God to provide like only He can.
I doubt my cupboards will fill with maggots tomorrow morning. Yet, part of me would be okay with that. I am confident that God will take care of me. Yes, my future is unknown. But I am not secure and safe based on my kitchen cupboard, refrigerator, or bank account.

He alone is my Supplier, my Satisfaction, and my Shelter.

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