I love the rain.

I know, most girls say they love the rain. They also say they love long walks on the beach. 
But really, I love the rain. I love the way rain smells. I cannot get enough of actinomycetes. This filamentous bacteria that grows in the soil producing spores that are kicked up into the air when it rains makes my olfactory sensory neurons stimulate happy feelings deep inside of me. I love the smell of rain.
I love the rain. I love the way rain makes everything green. A good rain revives the landscape, better than someone taking green spray paint to a park.
I love the rain. I love the way rain propels me to reflect. Some of my best thinking is done while driving or running in the rain. 
So this last rainy weekend,  I’ve been thinking about the past few months. The new city, the new experiences, the new places, the new smells, the new friends, the new workplace, the new apartment. And here’s what I’ve determined:
The library is large. Rows and rows of books, movies, and magazines. Obtaining a library card is free and quite simple.
The gas stations do not know my dad, nor are they okay with me saying “Just charge it to my dad.”
Distance can no longer be determined by “one mile equals one minute”. Stop lights, speed limits, and poor drivers make me late for most everything.
Thirteen story apartment buildings hold strange individuals. The lady who sits in her socks by the front door reading a book every morning as I leave for work. The elderly man who rides the elevator up  ten stories until I get off, only to push #3 and ride back down. The neighbor sharing a wall who insists on letting his obnoxiously loud alarm become part of my beloved morning music playlist. The South African who wants to take me out to supper. The punk teen who thinks because his headphones are on, I can’t hear him laughing hysterically at his Korean cartoons.  This is a fun building.
Three hundred square feet can be fun too. And slowly, it’s becoming ‘home’. The high pitch fire alarm shrieking even though I did not burn my lunch. Staring out my window to see the fireworks until I remember my refrigerator normally sounds like a faint Fourth of July celebration. Cursing the designer of the room who thought no ceiling light would be conducive to working late at night with only a small, bedside lamp. My apartment is small and quiet and just plain lovely.
This city is pretty great too. Queen City Bakery has become my new Chocolatte. The atmosphere, the coffee, and the delicious pastries make me just love this place. And Sanaa’s Gourmet Mediterranean restaurant makes me miss Turkey very much. The statues, the parks, the trails, the old buildings, the quaint little shops…it’s just great.
A year ago, I never would have guessed my life would be what it is today. Now, I like eating sushi. I’m not working as a nurse. I use a budget. I sleep on my back. My computer is still working. I don’t drink skim milk anymore.  Every day, I get to be part of God restoring health back to people.
This cool, cloudy, and rainy weather reminds me of the west coast. And I find myself praying, and for the first time not wishing I was in Seattle, “living the dream”. Instead, I find myself wishing I had a third hand. I feel like I need a third hand to catch all of the blessings God is pouring into my life. Because I heard once that the best time to pray is when it’s raining because it shows that God is in a good mood, ready to hand out blessings. I don’t think God is fickle or moody, but I do believe He is ready to hand out blessings. And I’ve been so busy these past few months recognizing and giving thanks for these blessings.
May you stand in the rain today (or your shower) and think. Think about what has brought you to where you are today. Think about what you’ve been enjoying. Think about how God has been working. Recognize your reality and hold out your hands. Because God is ready to hand out blessings. God doesn’t just have access to all the resources of this world, but He is actually the Source. So breathe in the smell of actinomycetes and praise the Lord.

One thought on “rain

  1. hilary that was beautiful. you have made me so very excited for my hike today…out and about in God's beauty. thanks for your awesome friendship! love ya girl!


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