195.4 miles.
30 hours.
12 people.
2 vans.
2 hours of sleep.

Several times throughout the race, I wondered, “Why did I pay money to do this?” Between the smelly, cramped minivan, the pitch-black trails with incorrect/missing signs, and the limited amount of sleep, this relay race was trying. But as our team of 12, decked out in animal print spandex ran across the finish line to the song “Welcome to the Jungle” I couldn’t help but smile & shout “Woohoo!” This was a pretty fantastic experience.

Praise the Lord for a body that allows me to physically run. Praise the Lord for a mind that is strong enough to persevere. Praise the Lord for friends that are crazy enough to join me in adventures like this.

My favorite sweater smells of sweet victory as we overcame a 195-mile feat and are still smiling as we reminisce.

Ragnar Relay Great River 2012, watch out!

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