I like to be productive. I like to cross things off my list. In fact, to make myself feel like I’m accomplishing things, I occasionally finish a task and then write it on my list so I can cross it off. But sometimes, I lack inspiration. And when that happens, I get little done.

I like to be creative. I like to take a blank canvas and make a piece of art. I like to restore, build, sew, cook, and create. But sometimes, I lack inspiration. And when that happens, I make nothing original.

I like to learn new things. As a student for the last 16 years, I decided to continue learning post-graduation. By asking questions, observing things around me, and trying it out on my own, I like to learn. But sometimes, I lack inspiration. And when that happens, I despise learning something new.

This hasn’t been the case lately, though. Inspiration has filled my soul and I’m indebted to Universal Sports, Fritz’s, and

I played sports all throughout highschool and college but wouldn’t consider ‘athletic’ as an accurate adjective to describe me. But when I watch Universal Sports, I feel like I’m tight with Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Phil Dalhausser, and Todd Rogers. This diverse, and oh so entertaining sports channel makes me feel like a super athlete. To try out my skills I’ve learned over the summer by watching this station, I took my parents to the tennis courts to play a little game. Let’s just say the racket is much heavier than it looks on the television. And after a horrible first fifteen minutes, I decided the only way to hit the tennis ball with any umph was to grunt loudly as I swung the racket. The following day, I decided I was an avid swimmer. Sadly, the 22 people at the pool can testify I am not a swimmer, unless it’s in less than five feet of water. Tomorrow, I may take the canoe out to practice my rowing.

I like old stuff. Especially if that old stuff is someone else’s junk that they’re trying to get rid of at a reasonable price. Case in point, Fritz’s old furniture/consignment shop. The smelly, vintage treasures hidden in the old school building made me jump and click my heels together. I returned home with a real treasure chest filled with real treasures and the inspiration to renovate and decorate.

In an effort to organize my inspiration and share the creative juices that flow so swiftly, I made an account with If it weren’t for the slow internet at home, I would potentially spend hours a day pinning different things to my boards of favorite recipes, style, and craft ideas.

Inspiration…that which inspires. To inspire is to produce a new idea. Inspiration makes me hope. Inspiration makes me dream. Inspiration says in the face of drudgery and complacency “no”. Things do not have to be as they always have been. People can learn new things. Furniture can receive a fresh coat of paint. A new song can be written. Life can be breathed into dry bones.

I’m rejoicing for these moments of feeling alive and creative. I’m grateful for that which inspires me…to create, dream, forgive, build, learn, and hope. May you find inspiration in the vast creativity around you.

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