Today is beautiful. It feels like the sun finally decided it was time to appear and bring warmth to this tundra-like land. The rays beckon those inside studying for finals to come outside and enjoy. The sky proclaims the glory of God and today I’m rejoicing. 

Today, I went for a run, wrote thank-you cards, read a great book, and had coffee with the world’s best DJ. Today, I packed  up more of my room, read another rejection letter, and tried to figure out loan stuff. 
The thing about today is that there are clouds amidst the beautiful sunshine. So I looked up at the clouds and watched them change shape. I watched the cute fluffy bunny morph into an airplane and then an elephant. So stinkin’ cool. 

I have 2 days until I graduate and it’s been so surreal. My room is a disaster as I pack up and my conversations with people have included very vague, ‘see you later, have a good life’ phrases. It’s crazy really, that these four years are over. 

As I reminisce with friends, I laugh and cry with joy. God has been orchestrating these last four years to prepare me for that which is to come. As I read Psalm 8 and see the beauty of creation, I smile in awe that the Creator of the Universe doesn’t just love me, but He actually likes me! I love the way He’s been by my side, holding me throughout these last four years. I keep replaying this song and exalting our Most High God.

This song makes me want to drive a convertible down 6th St. with the wind blowing through my hair, praising God for His faithfulness. Through the midst of craziness and uncertainties this last semester, I’ve been held by the One who holds the world. All glory to God!

Now, if I can just walk across the stage to accept the diploma without tripping…

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  1. Can I drive in the convertible with you on 6th street, praising Jesus? I think that would be sweet post-graduation 🙂



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