i’ll never keep a blog…

I once said, “I’ll never keep a blog.” I’m okay with other people keeping their own blogs, especially creative people who travel the globe. And I even enjoy reading the blogs of those people. But to me, it kind of feels like I’m in junior high again, keeping a journal of what I did each day. Thankfully, I’m not sporting the bad haircut, braces, or paper-clip necklaces. Instead, I’m sporting the ponytail, fuzzy socks, and zebra snuggie.
Since I’m not in junior high anymore, you won’t be getting a daily update, but occasionally I may succumb to my impulses to share what I’m learning/experiencing. And if only one person reads these and is blessed, challenged, or encouraged by the words, then it’s worth it.

I’ve entitled my blogspot as “my favorite sweater”. Why? Well, let me tell you…
A few weeks ago, a girl I deeply appreciate lent me her book, “Cold Tangerines”, written by Shauna Neiquist. It’s a book on celebrating the extraordinary nature of everyday life. In this creative, engaging read, the author talks about enjoying life like you enjoy your favorite sweater.

If you gave me a sweater, and I loved it, you would know it because I would wear it so much. I’d wear it on my way to my favorite coffee shop, Choco Latte. I’d wear it to my three hour nursing class. I’d wear it to Oasis, and to smoothie parties, and even to bed. It would probably get stained and stretched out and even have a few snags. But you, the giver of the sweater, would know how much I loved it. The sweater, by just looking at it, would tell a million stories, reminding me of places I’ve been, things I’ve eaten, gatherings I’ve attended, and who I’ve been in this sweater.

Life is a gift from our Father in Heaven. And I’ve wasted many years complaining and wishing the days away. But today is a gift. And I want to wear my gift out. I don’t mean in a reckless way, but in a way that “makes God belly laugh, glad that He gave life to someone who loves the gift.” I want to show God how much I appreciate this gift of life. And if life were a sweater, I would wear it every single day.

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