So here I am sitting by the fireplace, drinking green tea…relishing in the fact that it’s Christmas vacation and I don’t need to study. It’s quite drastic, the change in routine. When just a week ago, my schedule seemed to revolve around school and the things related to that town in the frigid tundra. Now, I’ve spent the last week sleeping in, reading ‘fun’ books, watching Dan in Real Life, and cleaning. No real time schedule or deadlines. Part of me loves it, and the other part despises all the free time. 
This free time has given me lots of time to think…about life, my future, and this Christmas season. Recently, a friend posted a link on my wall regarding Advent…an article by Rob Bell titled “Why Should We Care About Advent”. Growing up in the church, I’ve come to know Advent, but never really appreciate it. Until this year. The following is an excerpt from the article. 
“Advent is about anticipating the birth of Christ. It’s about longing, desire, that which is yet to come. That which isn’t here yet. And so we wait, expectantly. Together. With an ache. Because all is not right. Something is missing. Why does Advent mean so much to me? Because cynicism is the new religion of our world. Whatever it is, this religion teaches that it isn’t as good as it seems. It will let you down. It will betray you. That institution? That church? That politician? That authority figure? They’ll all let you down. Whatever you do, don’t get your hopes up. Whatever you think it is, whatever it appears to be, it will burn you, just give it time. Advent confronts this corrosion of the heart with the insistence that God has not abandoned the world, hope is real and something is coming. Advent charges into the temple of cynicism with a whip of hope, overturning the tables of despair, driving out the priests of that jaded cult, announcing there’s a new day and it’s not like the one that came before it. “The not yet will be worth it,” Advent whispers in the dark.”
I don’t know about you, but I’ve needed this reminder. Because this Advent season can be just another thing to check off the church calendar. It can be rushed in an attempt to get to Christmas sooner. But I’m being challenged tonight to rest in this season of waiting. 
I’m American and too often desire the quickest, easiest solution. I hate wait. Maybe it’s because I’m narrow-minded, selfish, or pessimistic. But there is something big going on, something bigger than myself. So even if I feel like I can’t hear anything, even if I don’t see clearly into my future, even if I’ve been hurt or betrayed…there is hope. Yes, it might not all be ‘right’. But there is hope. In the midst of prayers being answered as “not yet” I am going to choose to keep hoping, believing that ‘not yet will be worth it’. A season of waiting can be good. Anticipation and hope for something better in the future, well that’s good because it keeps my eyes on God. I know that my God will pull through, that He will not leave me. I can spend the rest of this Advent season expectantly waiting the coming King, as I hold on to the truth that God is not done working. 
Just as God entered into the dirty, smelly, very messed-up world thousands of years ago, He is ready to enter into the bitter, messed-up, broken places of myself. So I can turn to that Christmas morning, remembering the way that God confined Himself to a human body, to time and space, to begin something new. And this same God, well He’s working today, bringing about something new, something bigger than me. And I’m invited to be part of it. So are you.

So in this season of waiting, may you rest in awe of a God who came down to begin something big. May you celebrate the fact that we can join in on it. And may you experience deep peace, knowing that hope is real and God is with us. 

One thought on “waiting…

  1. Waiting sucks doesn't it? Yup most of the time, but sometimes (most of the time even) it is so worth it. I pray that you don't get trapped by what you are waiting for and miss what God has put in front of you today. 🙂
    I love you sis! It's fun to read your thoughts, and I love that you have good writing style.


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